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Franciszka (Nowicka) Dobrowlanska 

Photos from pre-WW2 Poland, Russia, Koja (Uganda), Essex (England,) and from Toronto (Canada)

Nowicki family c 1907

Franciszka Nowicka, age 10

Franciszka, age 15

:Three sisters: Franciszka, Hela and Mala..  Photo taken in the 1920s

Franciszka and Henryk Dobroolanski pre-WW 2

Franciszka and Henryk  -  In this pre WW2 photo, Henryk is wearing his uniform. On his chest he is wearing (l-r) the 1918-21 War Medal (for service during the war against the Bolsheviks, and the 10th Anniversary of Independence Medal, awarded in 1928 to those with 5 years civil or military service.

Mira Dobrowlanska  -  Pre-war photo.

Anthony Dobrowlanski  -  Pre-war photo

Dola and Anthony  - Pre-war photo.  Dola would die young of diphtheria and scarlett fever

Franciszka, Mira and Anthony in Russia

Pahlevi  - Franciszka and Mira (on the right) soaking in the Caspian Sea in 1942.

Pahlevi  - Franciszka and Mira (on the left) enjoying the sand and surf.

Anthony (r) in the Polish Army during WW2.

Anthony portrait in the Polish Second Corps.

Franciszka In Koja, Uganda, Africa.

Polish refugee settlement in Koja, Uganda

In front of the house they lived in for 5.5 yrs

Inside their house in Africa - Franciszka and Mira

Mira and Franciszka in front of African home and Papaya tree

Lake Victoria (l to r ) Franciszka, Mala, Mira, Hela and Jurek

Exotic Wildlife  -  Mira (l) and friends are holding a large Boa Constrictor which was killed by the natives in the jungle, because it was killing one of their men

Franciszka_sister Mala at Lake Victoria_small crocodile at their feet

Working on a large wall hanging

Franciszka with Mira and her dolls

England  - Mira (l) and friends wearing Polish national costumes as members of the "Polish Dance Assembly."

England  -  Mira (l) and Franciszka at the Polish settlement in Kelvedon, Essex. The army barracks in which they lived for seven years is visible in the background.

Toronto_Franciszka with first grandchild Tina

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