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Polish 2nd Corps

Family photo - Lucjan is 2nd from left - Krostoszyn, Poland, 1930
Scout camp - Lucjan is 1st on the left 
Lucjan is 3rd from the right, 2nd row from top.  Niepokalanów Seminary, Poland, 1934
Lucjan at the labor camp in Archangelsk, Siberia. 
Seminarians (Lucjan is 1st on the left in the middle row). 
Seminarians (Lucjan is 2nd from left)  in Beirut, Lebanon, 1943.
En route to Africa – Father Lucjan is in the center. 
Tengeru, East Africa
Father Lucjan with orphans at the Polish settlement in Tengeru, Tanzania, 1945  
With orphans in in Tengeru, Tanzania, 1947
Father Królikowski, with Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, and some of the 145 orphans he brought to Montreal, 1951. 
Receiving the Chivalry Cross - Polonia Restituta from President Kaczynski in Warsaw, 2007.

Photo in Chipokee, MA, in 2014

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