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Edward Jurczenko Collection

Member of the Polish 2nd Corps

01 Edward whistling.jpg

Edward is the one who is whistling

02 Tourist_soldiers.jpg

Polish soldiers as tourists in Italy

03 Polish soldiers at Harvest work_Edwar

Polish soldiers helping with the harvest.  Edward is seated on the far right.

04 Alien_ID.jpg
05 Alien_ID_further_entries.jpg
07 Pay_book_pages.jpg
06 Pay_book_employment.jpg
08  Paybook_medical.jpg
09 Jurczenko_Alien certificate.jpg
10  SPK_Membership_Card.jpg
11 Inside_SPK_Card.jpg
12 PRC_questionnaire.jpg

Discharge papers

13 PRC_discarge_certificate.jpg
14 Change of Address Form.jpg

Registration of change of address

Clicik here to read a portion of Edward's story

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