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Edward BATOR

Cadet in the Polish 2nd Corps

Bator family members, Poland 1934:  Stefan, MIeczyslaw, Stanislaw, father Jozef holding Edward, Maria, Halina. (Jan and mother Rozalia are missing from the photo). 
1938 Jan Bator with friends in the para-military "Strzelec" organization
Edward in Kindergarten play, as a chimney sweep, facing Jadwiga Romanczyk, his future wife. 
Edward's brother Jan in 19378.  He was murdered at Starobielsk in 1940.
Edward's mother 1938
Castina Camp in Palestine, July 1942:  Mieczyslaw, Edward (member of MJSP, armed to the teeth), and Stefan
Bashit Camp in Palestine, June 1942:  Stanislaw in the center, Edward first on the right
Cadet choir on their return trip from Nazareth, where they sang in a church.  Edwars is in front with his hand on his chest.
Egypt 1944 - Emil Sawczyszyn on the right.  He traveled with Edward in USSR to join the cadets.
General Sosnkowski visit to the Cadets.  Edward is second from the end in the back row.
Edward's Cadet ID
Page from Edward's soldier's book
Edward's Cadet insignia certificate.
First reunion of Bator and Wilkosz families, Camp Petworth in 1948. Back row: Edward, Stefan, Mieczyslaw, Zbigniew, Stanislaw, Miroslaw W., Jozef. W.  Front: Jozef, Anna Wilkosz (who married Edward's father in 1944), Janina W. Zigmunt W,.
Edward joined the US military
General Anders visits the Warsovia Choir in Huddersfield, UK in 1953.  Mieczyslaw is in the back row, 3rd from the General, Edward is the 6th.
Aptil 18, 1958 wedding to Jadwiga Romancztk
Bator brothers, UK 1948: (left to right)  Mieczyslaw, Stanislaw,  Stefan, Edward

Last get-together of the Bator brothers, 1993,  Left to Right: Mieczyslaw, Stefan, Stanislaw (seated), Edward (standing). 
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