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Czeslaw BOREK


Family members who were deported:

Father: Jan Borek, Motherr: Maria (Patrzałek) Borek, Children: Wladyslaw, Pawel, Stanislaw, Czeslaw, Janina, Zofia, Krzysztof (died on the journey south), Fekix (died in Siberia)


Family members who joined the Polus 2nd Corps::
Jan - killed in action in Italy

Wladyslaw - Light Artillery Regiment

Stanislaw - Light Artillery Regiment

Czeslaw - Cadet School, then the 5th Division in Italy

Jan Borek on the right,  in pre-WW2 uniform
Stanislaw and Czeslaw
Czeslaw's medal certificate
Military Pay Form
Military Pay Form
Maria and children in India
Czeslaw working off his 2-year contract on a farm in Sask.
Czeslaw, Maria, and baby Teresa, Sask. 1951
Maria with Krzysiek and Teresa
Czeslaw and Maria start a new life in Hampton, Ontario
Czeslaw, Basia, Richard, Teresa, and cousin Andrzej 
The whole clan at Richard and Mary- Ellen Borek's wedding
Click on the PDF to view an article about the family story
Czeslaw in 2011

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