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Czeslaw BOREK


Family members who were deported:

Father: Jan Borek, Motherr: Maria (Patrzałek) Borek, Children: Wladyslaw, Pawel, Stanislaw, Czeslaw, Janina, Zofia, Krzysztof (died on the journey south), Fekix (died in Siberia)


Family members who joined the Polus 2nd Corps::
Jan - killed in action in Italy

Wladyslaw - Light Artillery Regiment

Stanislaw - Light Artillery Regiment

Czeslaw - Cadet School, then the 5th Division in Italy

Jan Borek on the right,  in pre-WW2 uniform
Stanislaw and Czeslaw
Czeslaw's medal certificate
Military Pay Form
Military Pay Form
Maria and children in India
Maria with Krzysiek and Teresa
Czeslaw, Basia, Richard, Teresa, and cousin Andrzej 
Czeslaw working off his 2-year contract on a farm in Sask.
Czeslaw, Maria, and baby Teresa, Sask. 1951
Czeslaw and Maria start a new life in Hampton, Ontario
The whole clan at Richard and Mary- Ellen Borek's wedding
Click on the PDF to view an article about the family story
Czeslaw in 2011


Polish:  Bronze Cross of Merit, with swords

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