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Cichocki Family in pre-WW2 Kresy

Adam and Eva Cichocki, and their daughter Emilia, lived in the Krzemieniec military settlement in Wolyn Province, in the Eastern Borderlands of Poland (known as the Kresy).

Emilia Cichocka at 3 months with her parents, Adam and Eva.  Standing is Eva's sister.  1923

Emilia Chichock age 4 in 1927

Emilia Cichocka at her 1st Holy Communion, age 7, in Krzemienice,  Wolyn Province, 1930.

Emilia Chichocka, age 12, in the back row 3rd from right in, Krzemienice, Wolyn 1935

Emilia Cichocka, age 13, 1st on the left, with school friends (1936)

Emilia Cichocka, age 14, with her parents Adam and Eva in 1937

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