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Bronislaw was born to Henryk and Bronislawa in Kozminek (Kalisz district of Poland) on 27 October 1909. His father becme one of the victims of the Katyn massacres.


Immediately after completing High School, Bronislaw began his compulsory military service in the Air Force, on 7 January 1933.


On 1 September 1939, he was called up to the Air Force in Luck. He took part in the September Campaign in Poland. He then evacuated to Romania with the Polish army on 18 September and is interned.


On 9 May 1940, he escaped from the internment camp and on 29 May 1940, he reached the Middle East and joined the Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade. Among her ranks, he fought at Tobruk.


After the establishment in 1943 of the Polish 2nd Corps, Bronislaw became a member of the 1st Light Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division. His service number was 1909/16. In 1944, he took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino, followed by further battles at Bologna, Ancona, and Loreto, in Italy.


In 1947, Bronislaw returned to his wife Weronika in Poland. He lived in Warsaw and worked there until his death on 13 December 1996. He was buried at the Bródnowski Cemetery in Warsaw.


He was awarded the following medals (among others):

  • The Polish Monte Cassino Cross

  • The British War medal

  • The British 1939-1945 Star

  • The British Africa Star

  • The British Italy Star

  • The Polish 1939-1945 War medal



Source: IPN Facebook posting (Translated from Polish)




Copyright: Krolikowski family

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