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Bronislaw Blazejowski 

Polish 2nd Corps

Bronislaw was deported from Lwow to Kazakhstan in April 1940.  After 'amnesty' he evacuated to Persia (Iran) with the Polish 2nd Corps in September 1941.  He served in the 2nd Corps (17 Infantry Regiment, 6 Infantry Division)  until July 1943, when he signed up for an Air Navigator course.  He served in the Polish Air Force Bomber Command from July 1943 until the end of the war.  He later emigrated to Australia.

Pre-war photo includes Bronislaw's father Alexander

Bronislaw at home with his dog

Bronislaw with his two aunts

Bronislaw with his parents in Lwow

Bronislaw's mother and her sister

Bronislaw and his mother in a Lwow park

Bronislaw and his aunts in front of the Grand Theater in Lwow

Bronislaw and a friend, skiing on Dlugosza Street in Lwow

Bronislaw Blazejowski with friends, in their "Korpus Kadetow" uniforms in Lwow

Bronislaw's "Mala Matura" school certificate 

Bronislaw's Cadet diary_1938

ID Card from 1939, aged 15

Bronislaw in the Polish 2nd Corps in Persia  (1942/43)

Bronislaw in the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Corps, in Persia (1943)

"Ancient Order of the Deep" - received when the ship crossed the equator

Air Navigator graduation, Malton, Ontario, Canada (1945)

Bronislaw in the middle, others unknown

Bronislaw and friends in Australia

Bronislaw portrait, 1942 

Bronislaw and friends in Australia

Article describes how he had to eat snow to Survive in Siberia

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