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Polish 2nd Corps

Boleslaw was born in Augustow in 1915 and participated in the September Campaign and was arrested by the Russians in Latvia in September 1939.  He was interned at Smolensk and was subsequently sent to a number of camps in Siberia.  When 'amnesty' was declared, he enlisted in the Polish 2nd Corps at Tatiszczewo in September 1941.  He evacuated to the Middle East with the 2nd Corps, and later participated in the Italian Campaign.

Boleslaw in pre-WW2 uniform
This is Boleslaw's record from the Polish Index of the Repressed arrest, his time at a number of camps in Siberia, and his enlistment in the Polish 2nd Corps.
Boleslaw in Latvia, where he was arrested by the Russians.
Boleslaw in 2nd Corps uniform in 1947
Boleslaw's WW2 medals
Wedding of Boleslaw Piwowarczyk to Janina Gajda.
More photos will be added soon
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