Boleslaw Makowski

Polish 2nd Corps

Deported with his family (step-mother, 1 brother and 2 sisters) to Siberia, he and two sisters survived and were able to leave Russia under the 'amnesty'.  Boleslaw joined the Polish Second Corps and served in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign.  His sister, Janina, spent a year at the children's hospital in the Middle East and was then sent to Santa Rosa in Mexico.  His sister, Maria, was sent to Tengeru in East Africa, then joined the Polish WAAFs in the UK.  Eventually, the siblings would reunite in Canada, and locate their father in post-war Poland.


01 Boleslaw Makowski

Boleslaw was awarded the Virtuti Militari medal (Poland's highest military honour) during the Italian Campaign. He is pictured wearing the medal.

02 Makowski 1943-V-26 a

May 26, 1943 - Boleslaw sent this photo to his sister Maria whom he had finally located in Africa.

04 Makowski in Italy 1

Italy - 10th Heavy Artillery Brigade of the Polish 2nd Corps

05 Genls Alexander_Anders 1944_a

General Anders and General Alexander review the troops, after the Battle of Monte Cassino

06 Makowski in MonteGranaro

At Monte Franaro - Boleslaw is the one holding the book. He taught Italian to the soldiers.

07 Makowski wiyh Book 2nd from right under dad

Boleslaw is standing, 2nd from the right. Again, holding a book.

11 WM-heads-for-Canada-1946-we

1946 - Boleslaw, age 21, aboard the Sea Snipe, on his way to Canada.

08 Makowski top row 2nd from right

Boleslaw is 2nd from the right in the top row.

12 Bolek Makowski in Canada_1

Boleslaw in Canada

13 Boleslaw-on-Ontario-Farm

Boleslaw, on the farm where he worked in Ontario

14 WM-48-Kirkland-Lake-Mine sm

Feb 1948 - Certificate attesting to his suitability for work in the mine, Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

16 Bolek Makowski in Canada_2

1948 - on his way to a meeting to protest the working conditions of Polish soldiers who are on a 2 year work contract in Canada

17 1948


19 Book_first book

Boleslaw's first book "History and Integration of Poles in Canada"

20 Book_second book

Boleslaw's second book "Polish People in Canada"

21 Book-1_Eng-web

English version of his third boo "The Uprooted" based on his and his family's WW2 experiences

22 Book-2_Polish-web

The last book published before his death. The English translation of the title is "Post War Winds". The book tells of the hardships experienced by Polish soldiers who came to Canada on a 2-year work contract

24 portrait

William Boleslaw Makowski (1924-2012)

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