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Arriving in India
Balachadi School 1945 - children in front of the school (the Maharaja's Guest House)
Morning erxercises
School band
Banyan Tree drawn by one of children
Polish boys
At the beach
Volleyball team withTrainer A.. Maniak
Celebration of the Constitution of May 3rd
Boys in front of living quarters
Camp main square
Camp main square
Chess Tournament 1945
Child arriving from USSR
Dining Hall
Children with an Indian Caregiver
Class IVa in 1944
Cinderella Production
Dobrostanska with Nursery School
History Lesson Form V
Girl Guide Camp
Doctors and nurses
First Communion with Local Bishop and Priests
Girls' dorm
Konsul Litewski
Maharaja's Palace
Father Pluta
Interior of chapel
Jam Saheb Digvijay Sinhji
Malaria epidemic
March past
Song and dance school
On roof of school bldg 1944
Schoolmaster's visit
Mass in back of Lorry
Polish orphans evacuation team
Ruined tower
Prayers in the chapel
Scout Camp 1944
Drawing of the camp
VCS Regional Show in Balachadi
Wash time
Location of the camp

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