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Cadet in the Polish 2nd Corps

Antoni was deported to Siberia with his mother Ludmila, his maternal uncles: Tadeusz & Stanislaw Jasinski (both of whom joimed the 2nd Corps), and Mieczyslaw Jasinski (who joined the Polish Air Force.  Antoni's father was a pilot who took part in the September Campaign in Poland and was missing in action.  Antoni went on to join the Cadets and trained in the Middle East.

Antoni, before the war
Antoni, with his father Romuald, a pilot.
Romuald in pre-war Polish uniform.
Romuald Stelmach
DoB 1902   DoD 1939
Romuald was declared missing in action during the September 1939 Campaign.
Ludmila (Jasinska) Stelmach, Anoni's mother
DoB 1906   DoD 1989
Ludmila's Polish ID
Antoni's Gramdparents and Great-Grandparents
Ludmila's father in WWI uniform
Ludmila's brother Mieczyslaw served in the Polish Air Force
Ludmila's brother Stanislaw served in the 2nd Cotrps
Ludmila's brother Tadeusz served in the 2nd Corps
Drawing and Description of Posiolek 45
Route To and Out of the USSR
Drawing of Antoni done
in Siberia
Antoni caught a fish in Persia
Antoni joins the cadets
Antoni & his mother in Lebanon
Antoni & fellow cadets in Palestine
Ludmila & Antoni PRC document
Ludmila & Antoni UK addresses
Letter advising that her husband, Romuald, was reported missing in action in 1939.
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