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Antoni Lubniewski

The Polish 2nd Corps

Pre-WW2 portrait

In the Middle East

Antoni's mate is wearing his Monte Cassino Cross

Three brothers (Antoni is on the left)

Antoni was a mechanic in the 2nd Corps

With a member of the Women's Auxiliary


With friends

With friends

Workshop mates

1935 Certificate of Completion of  Metalworking at Polish Vocational School

1935 School ID Card

Russian release document, following 'amnesty'

Doctor's note in Pahlevi (Persia)

Allied currency

Monte Cassino

Commemorative Cross

Bronze Cross of Merit

with Swords

Polish Army Medal for 1939-1945 War

5th Kresowa Division


Wolynska 4-ta Brygada Piechoty

Wolynska Infantry Brigade medal list

5th Kresowa Infantry Division

permission to wear the badge

Discharge from Polish Army, 1948

Aliens Order ID Card

Coal Miner's Certificate

Aliens order cancelled in 1961

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