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Polish 2nd Corps

Andrzej (aka Andy) was born on 18 August 1920 in the town of Zlotow, northern

Wielkopolska, Poland.


He served with the Polish 2nd Corps in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign, including the battles of Monte Cassino, Bologna, and Ancona. He had trained in the Middle East to drive military vehicles.


For his service during the Second World War, Andrzej was awarded The War Medal and the Cross of Monte Cassino by the Polish government.


After spending some post war years in Italy and the UK, Andzrej emigrated to Canada in 1947 on a 2-year work contract on farms, in forests, or in mines. When the contract was completed, he settled in Winnipeg, and worked at Weston Steel, a company which manufactured large trucks and storage tanks.


Andrzej married Leokadia (nee Gnitecka) in 1949. They moved to Red Lake in 1956, where he and Lepkadia ran Hillside General Store for 15 years. After the store’s closure, Andrzej worked for the Red Lake branch of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. He worked there for many years and was well-known in the community. Andrzej was a long-time Legion member, Polish branch.


Andrzej passed away in Winnipeg on 13 February 1990, at the age of 69 years. He is buried in Red Lake Cemetery.

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