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Polish 2nd Corps (3DSK)

Left to right: Andrzej Garlicki’s mother, Andrzej, and his older brother Jan, in 1924. 
5-year-old Andrzej is center front. His Mother is on the far right in the middle row, next to her parents whose 40th Anniversary this was. Brother Jan and Father Tadeusz are behind and to the right of Mother. Also in the photo are Mother's sister, with her husband and children.
 Andrzej’s mother as a child
 Andrzej’s father in WW1 uniform
 Andrzej’s father ptr-1918
 Andrzej’s parents pre-WW2
 Andrzej’s mother in WAAF uniform
President Moscicki on the horse & Andrzej's uncle on horse with the lowered sword
Semipaltinsk in the USSR, in 1941
Teheran - a drawing from PK to Sabina Berggren
Cadets in Middle East, probably Palestine
Andrzej in the Polish 2nd Corps
Trudging through the Alpenines
The Battle of Monte Cassino
Andrzej in the Polish 2nd Corps
Italian Campaign
Receiving the Orde of Canada
SPK Executive
Federal Minister Thompson with Polish Veterans
Photo: Phillips Photography, Oakville, Ontario
Andrzej with the  Polish Attchee and his brother, July 2006
Andrzej at an event in Ottawa, 2011
Andrzej and his wife at a Polish Community event

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