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Alfons MRZYK

Polish 2nd Corps

High school students in Pszczyna, Poland – Alfons 4th from the left.
Mrzyk family with 20th Infantry Regiment, Łąka, Poland - Aug 1939.
Alfons (1st on right) on the family farm, before being forced to join the German Army, 1941.
German troops during WWII.   
Alfons in the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division of the Polish 2nd Corps, Italy.  
Colleagues from Pszczyna, Poland –Alfons is 3rd from left, 1946.   
Class IVc, at Terra del Sole - Alfons is 4th from the left in the first row.  
Alfons with his wife, Zakopane, 1953.   
Mrzyk family in Poland in 1957.   
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