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Aleksander TOPOLSKI

Polish 2nd Corps

1914 June - Topolski parents about the time of their marriage
1936 Topolski's mother Henryka, his older sisters Hania, Maria in Horodenka
1937 Aleksander Topolski, age 14, in school uniform in Horodenka
1938 Horodenka high school cadet corps on Polish Independence Day  Nov 11 (Topolski furthest right)
1939 04 Topolski (crouching left) with fellow cadets
1939 04 Topolski (center) with school friends during weekend maneuvers in Horodenka
1939 07 Topolski at 16 visiting Gdynia
1939 07 Topolski Polish naval base at Oksywie in Gdynia - Polish destroyer Blyskawica in the background
1939 08 View of Horodenka towards the Armenian Church
1939 12 11_on the day he was captured by Soviets
1939 Envelope of letter to his mother from Soviet authorities denying clemency
1939 Note to his family that Topolski tossed from prison truck in snowy Tarnopol
1941 Poles line up to register for Polish Army
1941 Polish military cemetery (First Signals Regiment) in Katta Alekseyevskaya Uzbekistan
1941 typical scene of ex-prisoners deportees getting bread rations after signing up for Polish army
1942 Sulek Michal school friend from Horodenko
1942 Qizi Ribat - Lt Wojciechowski
1942 08 Cadet Officer Topolski in Pahlevi
1942 Wieliczko, ?, Aleks, Ryszard Winowski
1942 Zosia Skarżeńska,Qizil Ribat,Iraq
1943 09 Barbara Camp study tents
1943 Aleks, uncle Jozef Kazak, Lt Berezowski
1943 10 Class "K" at Camp Barbara Polish Hugh School
1943 Aleks hands General Anders a telegram at Camp Barbara (the General later signed the photo)
1943 Roman Bader, best friend from home, in Palestine
1943 field kitchen, Qizil Ribat
1943 Michał Sułek, ?, plut. Zaborowski, Jurek Sułek, Hen Malysiak, Zbyg Stobra
1943 Polish military cemetery in Rehvoth - Most died in car accidents
1944 03 Roccamandolfi, Lt Grot standing
1944 02 Official portrait, Rehovot
1944 05 Alex in Napoli
1944 06 Aleks in Potenza Picena
1944 Lala Domiszewska
1944 Staff Sergeant Karol Szlamka
1944 Staff Sergeant Golebiowski,
1945 02 20 Aleks on his 22nd Birthday
1945 02 20 Matera, Italy
1945 04 Henryk Henkel and Aleks in Faenza
1945 06  Napoli: Aleks, Witold Skibinski, Jurek Horodynski, Stan Zielinski
1945 08  Borrowed accordion north of Ancona
1945 09 General Alexander, General Anders at Monte Cassino
1945 10 Last camp during Italian Campaign near Imola
1945 Marysia, Lucyna Stachowska, Aleks
1946 Polish military club in Rome
1946 Aleks in London
1947 Aleks in London
1947 Roman Bader awarded Virtuti Militari
1948 Aleks in London
1947 London - Hampton Heath
1948 Dec. -  Uncle Kozak's camp near Manchester
1948 Dec. -  Uncle Kozak's camp near Manchester
1948 Lt Bolek Sawicki from Horodonka
1949 London
1970 05 Explaining the battle to his wife Joan
1970 05 Rome with Joan
1994 Aleks at Monte Cassino
2004 11 11 in Chelsea, QC Photo by Carole Decker
Aleks with maps for his book
Alex in December 2014
Certificate for Monte Cassino Cross
Certificate for 1939 Campaign Medal
Aleks' book:
Without Vodka
Aleks at a book signing for
"Without Vodka"
Bez Dachu  = Without a Roof

Aleks' journey

Photos courtesy of Joan Eddis-Topolski

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