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Courtesy of Joan Eddis-Topolski

Drawings are included in his books:
Without Vodka - Wartime Adventures in Russia
and Without a Roof (Bez Dachu)

Bukovinians line up in a dungeon cell watched by Soviet guard (on left)

By sleigh to Kirov (Vyatka) with Uncle Misha

Commissioner at Farab tries to lure Polish wanderers to board barges

Dec.  11, 1939 Topolski and other Poles head for the Romanian border

Dr. Epstein sings Wagner in Czortkow Prison

Galya distracts train guard while others carry off a case of soldiers grub

Horodenka's Ormianska Street where Topolski family lived (house on right)

July 1941  Kiev labour prison camp after being hit by German bombs

Ploughing with oxen on a kolkhoz in Uzbekistan

Polish army in Uzbekistan had British uniforms but Russian tents

Polish cavalry officer at Kirov station tells about newly formed Polish Army in USSR

Polish prisoners caged in Stolypinka rail car en route to Ukraine

Polish prisoners passing time in Chernigov in former army barracks

Polish soldiers, in  British uniforms, resting during manoeuvers

Public Prosecutor Godlewski arrested for stealing coal

Recruits seeking 2nd Polish Corps in USSR

Recruits seeking 2nd Polish Corps in USSR

Self-portrait drawn in 1942 - Note Soviet army tents

September 1939 - Luftwaffe bombs Aleks's hometown, Horodenka

Recent self-portrait 

Soviet guard Dumpling ogled by Spiegel

The Beautiful Zhenya befriends Aleks

The train robbers' girlfriends on a train somewhere south of Tashkent

Uncle Misha's izba in Northern Russia. Aleks shared its sleeping loft with six people


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