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Aleksander BOGDAN

Polish 2nd Corps

Family group at the Polish Consulate
Consecration of the soldiers' monument by Jean Cretien
The soldiers' monument, January 26, 1999
Ceremony invitation and List of Speakers
Golden Jubilee Medal
Pro Memoria Medal

School and Military certificates

Enlistment document
Polish Resettlement Corps Discharge
Discharge from 2 Corps to PRC
Birth certificate
British War Medal info
Military licence cover
Military licence inside
Monte Cassino Cross cover
Monte Cassino Cross inside
Polish WW2 Medal cover
Polish WW2 Medal inside
Polish War Medal cover
Polish War Medal indide
11th Communications Battalion cover
11th Communications Battalion
Pro Memoria Medal cover
Pro Memoria Medal inside
Siberian Deportees Cross
Polish Medals Awarded
Letter from Ministry of Defence
Cadet School certificate

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