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Adam Majewski was born on 24 May 1907 in Lublin. In 1936, he received a doctoral degree at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lwow. He earned a Medical Doctor degree in 1938. The outbreak of war found Dr. Majewski in Lwow, where he worked in a clinic.


He took part in the September Campaign of 1939 in Poland and he wrote: "When I was putting the uniform on, I didn't know that I would not take off my military uniform until eight years later."


After evacuating to Hungary, Adam Majewski eventually escaped the internment camp and made his way to France, where he completed his course at the cadet school. After France's capitulation he evacuated to Great Britain and then served in Palestine and Iraq. He participated in the activities of the Polish Armed Forces in France, the Middle East and Italy.


In 1943, Adam Majewski was a physician in the 28th British-Hindu Hospital in Iraq, and he was later assigned to the 15th Poznan Ulan Regiment of the Polish 2nd Corps. On 6 September 1943, he was transferred to the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division, where he joined the 2nd Sanitary Company.


On 14 November 1943, he became a doctor of the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Battalion, with which he took part in the entire Italian campaign as a second lieutenant.


The most famous part of Adam Majewski's Italian campaign is his service as a surgeon in the Doctor's House during the Battle of Monte Cassino. It's during this battle Second Lieutenant Adam Majewski ended up in the Battalion Care Point, known as the Doctor's House. There he served as surgeon, describing the first attack as "the whole raft of wounded from the first Battalion was coming at me."


During the battle of Monte Cassino, Dr. Majewski was injured and went to Military Hospital No. 6  and then to Campobasso. After recovering from his injuries, Dr. Adam Majewski returned to his battalion and took part in the Battle of Chienti and the attack on Bologna.


In April 1945, after conquering Bologna, he was appointed commander of field surgical unit no. 350. He completed his military service at the rank of Captain.



Captain Adam Majewski was awarded the following medals:

  • Polish medals:

    • The Order of Polonia Restituta

    • the Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross No. 1611,

    • the Cross of Valour,

    • the Silver Cross of Merit with Swords,

    • the 1939-1945 War medal


  • British medals:

    • the War medal

    • the Defence medal

    • the British 1939-1945 Star

    • the British Italy Star


Dr. Majewski returned to Poland in 1947, and worked as a doctor in Torun and Lublin, specializing in surgery and thoracic surgery.


Adam Majewski died on 24 May 1979 in Torun at the age of 72 years, and is buried at Starych Powązkach cemetery in Warsaw


SOURCE: Excerpts from his book „Wojna, ludzie i medycyna”

(translated from the original Polish)

Copyright: Majewski family

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