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Wincenty CZAPNIK

Cadet in the Polish Air Force in the UK

Wincenty (b 1926) was deported to Siberia on Feb. 10th, 1940, along with his mother Antonina (b 1884 - d 1966),  his brother Jan (b 1909), Jan's daughter Stanislawa (who died in the USSR aged 4 years), Jan's daughters Franciszka (b 1938), and Jan's wife Kazia, as well as Wincenty's brother Walenty (b 1913), and sister Beata (b 1920 ?).  Wincenty's father Wawrzyniec had died in December 1939.

Wincenty joined the air cadets in the Middle East, and completed his training in the UK.


His brother Jan joined the Polish 2nd Corps, but details about his service were not provided by Wincenty during his interview.  Jan returned to Poland after the war.

His brother Walenty appears on a list of persons that the family ere trying to locate, after the waqr, but Wincenty did not clarify this during his interview..

Antonina and her granddaughter Franciszka spent the war years in East Africa, then returned to Poland after the war.  Details about the fate of Jan's wife Kazia and Wincenty's sister Beata were not shared by Wincenty.

Passing Out ceremony - 30 Jully 1947

Port Said, 1947

Student dorm - the linoleum floor gleams like glass, because the students only wore4 socks whem walking here
Malta, age 24
In the RAF
Future wife, Janina
Janina Kosicka
(DoB  28 X 1920  -  DoD  21 IV 2014) 

Janina, Luska, Krysia


Luska, Krysia, Zdzislaw, Janina and their parentsd

In Ireland with a friend

Family details from the Polish Index of the Repressed

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