Siomkajlo and Szypowski family members

The Siomkajlo Family were forcibly deported from their home in Sielec, near Jezupol in Stanislawow province and sent to the gold mining town of Dzetygara in the northernmost tip of Kazakhstan.  The parents were Jan Siomkajlo (no photo exists) and Michalina (Karas) Siomkajlo.  Their son Jozef and his wife Michalina (Kudlowska) Siomkajlo were also deported with them.  Also deported were daughters: Amalia, Aniela, Joanna, Julia and Stanislawa.  Only these last four survived the ordeal.


Son Tadeusz and daughter Eugenia had escaped Poland before the deportations and made their way on foot to Hungary where they were seperately interned.

Jan Siomkajlo's siblings Antoni and Emilia remained somewhere in the USSR after the war, and all contact with them was lost.

Michal Szypowski and his brother Jozef participated in the September campaign in Poland and were captured by the Germans.  They endured nearly four years  at Stlag XI B Fallingbostel, before escaping and joining up with the 1st Polish Armoured Division in Holland, and participating in the rest of the war with them.  They also served as part of the disarmament corps in Germany for 2 years after the war.