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Photos from SMO Souvenir Book

SMO = Szkola Mlodszych Ochotniczek
Schools for Younger Volunteers

Commandant Teodora Zofia Sychowska

General Anders visits Nazareth

A walk through Nazareth

Kazimierz Ryzinski, Commandant of the Cadet Schools and the SMO Schools, Barbara 1943

Heading for a new location

Generals Sosnkowski and Anders 1943

Officers at Rehoreth

Polish and British authorities in Nazareth

Morning roll call - Rehovoth 1943

Nature studies

The youngest ones - Nazareth 1944

Khanekin 1942

High School graduation exam, Nazareth 1947

Outdoor Mass, Rehovoth 1943

At the Post Office

Commendant in London in 1967

Former SMO members, Nottingham 1967

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