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Malgorzata (Kazimierczak) JACHOWICZ

Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary

Malgorzata was born on 1923 in Nowogrodek.  She was deported to Tygubetski in Nowosybirska with her mother on Feb. 10th, 1940.  When 'amnesty' was declared, she was released on Sept. 1st, 1941, and enlisted in the Women's Auxiliary of the Polish 2nd Corps on May 13th, 1942 in Guzar.  She was discharged in September 1947.

Malgorzata Kazimierczak's photo from her Polish ID papers

Helena Kazimierczak spent the war years in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia today)

Corporal Malgorzata Kazimierczak joined the Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary, and was assigned to the Communications Unit of the H.Q. Polish Forces in the Middle East in Palestine - Radio Platoon # 328.

Helena Kazimierczak's ID documemt from pre-war Poland

Malgorzata's declaration re: details of her deportation

Malgorzata's forms sponsoring her mother to come to England

Pages from Malgorzata's Soldier's Book

Discharge Certificate

Awarded the Communications Medal

Awarded the Communications Medal

Awarded the Polish Army Medal

Marriage to Jozef  Jachowicz on October 21, 1947


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