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Polish 2nd Corps

Leon was born in 1912 in the Tarnopol region of Poland. After the September Campaign, he was deported to Siberia with his parents and two sisters.  His parents (Jan and Maria) died there.  When 'amnesty' was declared, Leon journeyed south to join the Polish army that was being formed there.  He evacuated to Persia with the Polish 2nd Corps, served in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign.  After the war, he spent a few years in England before emigrating to Canada. Leon died in Winnipeg in 1985.

Leon in the Polish Cavalry before the war
Stefan Krupnik, top left
Leon Krupnik, bottom left
Leon Krupnik in the Polish 2nd Corps
Leon Krupnik in the Polish 2nd Corps
Leon & colleagues in Mosul, Persia - 2 March 1942
Leaving Persia for Palestine
Leon and colleagues in Bethlehem
Leon and colleagues at a cemetery in Jerusalem
Leon in Canada
Polish Eagle & 2nd Corps badges
British 8th Army badge
3rd Carpathian Rifle Division badge
Monte Casino Cross certificate - cover
Monte Casino Cross certificate - inside
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