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Karol Stachura

Polish Air Force in France and the UK

Photo in the "Polish Air Force in France" ID

Post WW@ photo, late 1940s

Tradeschool Diploma from Poland, 1934

Tradeschool Diploma - reverse

Cracovia Sports Club ID

Illustrated Daily Courier ID

Aeroklub Scout Report Card

Mobilization pre registration Certificate

Mobilisation Order, 7 September 1939.  Then on the 13th, Karol was directed by local Command in Hrubieszow to an airbase further east in Luck.  zz Movement Order reverse - Karol is further directed on September 16, 1939, from Rowne to an airbase in Tarnopol.

Hungarian Document.  Karol was processed by Hungarian authorities after escaping to Hungary from southeastern Poland.  

Karol was processed by the Polish Consulate in Zagreb following his escape from Hungary. From here he would find his way to France.

Polish Air Force in France ID

Polish Air Force in France ID

Karol's Birth Certificate

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