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Polish Air Force Cadet

Jan and Anna Gasztold and theia son Jan, Wiszniew Poland, 1926
Jan and Anna ( nee Fiałkowska) Gasztold and their children, September 1941 in the USSR
Polish school, Settlement # 12, Siberia, Spring 1941
Jan Gasztold (cousin), saper, 2nd Corps, Quasasin 1944
Jan Gasztold,  General Anders, Jan Skierkowski
First Air Force Cadet Mechanical School lodging in Palestine
Air Force Cadets in training
HQ visit, 30 May 1943
Kmg. Kpt. Koperkiewicz, Horsley
Heliopolis May 1943
Gen. Sikorski, Heliopolis 1944
Gen Sikorski and Schools Commander
Minister Stanczyk at the school in 1944
General  Sosnkowski decorates pilots, Heliopolis
Recreation at Heliopolis
Vacation at "Sidi Bisz", Alexandria, Egypt, 1945
Waiting for return to the camp from "Sidi Bisz", Alexandria, Egypt, 1945
Zoological Garden, Heliopolis
Palestine Railway station, March 1943
High School class, Heliopolis
Jan Gasztold, Jozef Skadorwa, Jozef Rysnik, 1 Feb 1943
First trip, Heliopolis, March 1943
Swearing in ceremony, Heliopolis, May 1943
Jan Gasztold and his son Jan
Jan Gasztold (cousin) and Jan Gasztold, Egypt 1945
Jan Gasztold, Jozef Rysnik, Jan Bunkiewicz
High School Class IV, Women's Auxiliary, Foxley, UK,  May 1947
Women's Auxiliary of the 2nd Corps
Summer 1948, Wildshire, UK
Summer 1948, Wildshire, UK
Summer 1948, Wildshire, UK
Friends meet in Canada after 5 years , 1953

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