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March 19, 1922 - July 22, 2015
Polish 2nd Corps

Edward age 5 in 1927
Edward before the war
Edward with his dog Cygan
Edward in Nativity Play in Wilno
Edward and his brother  Leonard in Sarny
Edward and a friend in Sarny
Stanislaw, Mother, and Wiktor
Edward and a friend in Sarny
Fixing his motorcycle
Day trip to Wilno
Mother in Sarny
In Sarny, Edward on the right
In Sarny, the whole family at Christmas
Technical School - Edward is 1st on the right
Technical School - Edward is 4th from the right
Technical School - operating the 'tokarnia'
The whole family is pictured together
Polish 2nd Corps
In Cairo, Egypt
In Cairo Egypt
In Cairo Egypt
Edward is 1st on the right,standing
Group on 18 May 1943
Gienek Czekaj
 Edward in Cerva, Italy
 Edward in Italy
 Edward in the center, in Italy
Jasio Glas (1st on the right) was heavily wounded at Monte Cassino and flown to the UK
In Italy
In hospital after being wounded at Monte Cassino
In hospital after being wounded at Monte Cassino
In hospital in 1945 - Edward is 1st on right, recovering from malaria
Kierowcz Carriera in Italy
Tadek Luszczynski 1943 Youngest in Division
Touring Egypt in 1945
At St Peter's Basilica in Rome
Future wife, Wladyslawa Kolis
Edward's first portrait in Canada
Edward in SPK uniform
Growing family in Montreal : Edward and Wladyslawa with daughters Mila, Elizabeth, & Linda
Edward in Montreal
Edward and his Mother
Edward's Father
Zygmund, Zofia, Mama, and Edward
Edward with Mayor Jean Drapeau
Wladyslawa is wearing the SPK jacket and tie

Stained Glass creations by Edward & Wladyslawa

Edward and his trusted companion  in 2014

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