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In Their Country's Service - Women Soldiers of the Polish 2nd Corps:  This book was published in 1946 and depicts the women who served in various functions (lorry drivers, nurses, canteen, etc.)  Warning: it is a very large PDF document and may take some time to load.  

Women of the Polish 2nd Corps:  This article describes the different ways in which women served in the Polish Army during WW2.

3DSK of the Polish 2nd Corps:  This book of photos, about the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division,  was published in 1945.  The text is in Polish, English and Italian.

Report on Polish Exiles in Rhodesia during WW2:  An analysis of how the Rhodesian Government used the media to handle the Polish Refugee issues from 1940 to 1950.  This article describes how British ex-pats in Rhodesia felt about the Polish exiles.  Some of the revelations are quite stunning, and may surprise the reader.

Polish Refugees in Colonial Eastern Africa (1942–50): The Use of European Diaspora Sources for the Writing of African Colonial History:  The focus of this article is on Europeans who lived in Africa but were not part of the colonizing nation(s). More precisely, it gives an insight into the sources published by Polish refugees during and after their stay in eastern Africa around the Second World War, and into their position within their colonial host societies. When analysing the social position of these refugees, it is important to take the Polish perspectives into account. While British sources provide a broad picture of their stay in Africa, Polish newspapers and memory literature give another, at times contrasting, picture.

1939-1945 TIMELINE: This timeline shows important dates in the history of WW2, as it concerned Poland and its citizens.

Evacuation to Persia (Iran): This is an article written by Ryszard Antolak about the evacuation of Poles from the USSR to Persia in 1942, and the preparations that were made for them.  It also addresses how the Polish refugees made a home in Iran for up to 3 years.

BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE: Traces will Remain of the Days Gone By This book was published in 2018 by the Polish Combatants’ Association, Branch #2, in London, Ontario, Canada.  It contains a brief history of how Polish WW2 veterans came to be in Canada, as well as the biographies of Polish Veterans who were part of Branch #2.  Some bios are very short, while others are quite detailed.  A great many of these veterans were deported to Siberia and were later set free to join the Polish Army being formed in the USSR.  They went on to serve in the various branches of the Polish Armed Forces in the west.